follow me // my first track is here


Welcome to my world! R H E I A is a project I’ve been working on for a couple of years, and I’m excited to finally share my very first track with you now!

This is pretty big to be able to independently produce as an underground artist! If you love my work and if you are a person who supports free, creative artists, you can help me grow through Patreon (and see daily updates + listen to more music), or just by simply buying my track!

Also, make sure to shoot me a “hello” on IG, TW, Fbook or on YouTube! Would like to get to know you!


PS: Yes, you might see advertising on my site.. it’s because this is a free blog. Once I’m able to sell enough tracks, I will pay for wordpress to remove those ads, so you can enjoy this place without being pressured to buy some butt cream or what not..

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  1. There is always a new surprise with you. I definitely want to discuss this with you and learn more.


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